The USMS Level 3 Certified coaches believe that technique, designed to maximize a swimmer's efficiency is the key to a successful and injury-free swimmer.  Training is designed to challenge the swimmer mentally and physically.  We believe in creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere to get the most out of each swimmer.  

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Marc Gershel, Head Coach

Marc is a USMS Level 3 Certified Coach, and a USA triathlon Certified Coach. A swimmer his entire life, Marc competes in swim meets, open water races, and triathlons. He placed in his age group in the 2013 US Masters Open Water National Championship.  He won the St Croix 1 mile Open Water Coral Reef Race, St Croix 2 Mile Open Water Coral Reef Race, and swam at US Masters National Championships.  
A believer that results are a combination of discipline, hard work, and fun.  If your goal is to shave some time off your personal best, or just get to the other side of the pool, Marc will teach you proper techniques to make swimming a fun and rewarding experience.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Fabia Maramotti, Coach.  

Fabia, when going over the list of races she competed in over the Summer, actually uttered the sentence "Oh, yeah, I also did a 12 mile swim."  Unassuming, with an infectious attuned and a constant smile, will have you jumping in the pool ready to take on the days workout.  She'll make the workouts challenging and fun.  You'll leave a Fabia workout feeling better about yourself.... and very very hungry.


Marc Madonia, Coach

When he was just a kid, he was busy doing what kids do a swim practice, goofing off.  That's when his swim coach decided to make an example of him, "Okay, Marc", the coach said, "Give me a 500 Fly."  The challenge was accepted.   500 yards of Butterfly later, a Freestyler has become a Butterfyer.  And now you know how he got his nickname "The Punisher".