How do I join?

Step 1: Contact NYC Hydras

Email us at ( and we'll be able to answer any questions you have about the team and guide you to your first NYC Hydras practice.

Step 2: Trial Swim

After talking with a team representative, we'll schedule a trial swim so you can get a feel for the team and we can get an idea of your skill set and goals.

Note: If you are not already a USMS Member, for insurance purposes, you will need to sign a USMS membership waiver form.

Step 3: United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Membership

Now that you've decided that we are the team for you, you'll need to become a USMS Member.  Click on the following link to register with USMS.  Our team code is "NYCH".  Membership is required and valid till the end of the calendar year.

Click here to join USMS

Step 4: Membership Options:

- Unlimited Package.  Paid quarterly (Sept-Nov/Dec-Feb/Mar-May/Jun-Aug; prorated accordingly), this is the best value for your money and the most popular plan.  A great way to stay committed and in great shape! 3 months for the bargain price of $120 per month.

- 10 Swim Pack. This option is paid at any time and valid for the quarter in session.  This package works great for those with tough work, or family schedules but need an escape and a great way to stay in shape.  This package is only $215 and is valid during any practice.

- Full Time Student Package.  The unlimited discount package paid quarterly for students only.  School stressing you out?  Roommate driving you nuts?  You need an outlet.  Join us for unlimited swimming.  $95 per month puts you on your way back to a relaxed state of mind.  

-Drop-Ins (out of town).  Are you a USMS member just passing through, but need to get your swim on?  Come by and join us for the bargain price of $5.  Contact us if you plan on stopping by.  Always great to meet new swimmers from out of town.

-Drop-Ins (Tri-state area) Live in the area, are a USMS member, and need to get into the pool for a great workout?  Stop by and join us for the price of $30.  Let us know if you'll be joining us.  We know you'll have a great time.  You'll even find yourself looking into joining the NYC Hydras!

All plans, except Drop-Ins, are subject to a yearly NYC Hydras membership fee, $50.  No refund, no rollover policy for all plans.

Congratulations!  You are now a NYC Hydra.  

Let the fun begin!!